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Our House

The Restaurant "Zur Brezel" was mentioned in a document for the first time in the year 1744. At this time the building was called a saloon, and it was sold to a citizen of Alzenau from the cloister of Seligenstadt. The family Werner bought the Restaurant in 1995, at wich time it contained 8 guestrooms. After a period of construction and renovation, the saloon became a Hotel.


What we do for nature

Solarpower is the energy of the future. A year has got 8760 hours. We have betwen 1300 and 1900 hours of sunlight in Germany. In Alzenau the sun shines about 1500 hours. When there are no clouds in the sky, there are 1000 watt´s per m² of sunpower wich we could use. The energy of the sun which hits the earth´s surface in half an hour, could cover the amount of energie which all of the people could use in one year. All we have to do is use it in the right way.
There is a solarpanel installed on our roof with 80 m² surface. The maximum power of this panel can reach up to 8,8 kilowatt´s. It was mounted in the year 1999 and it saves up to 6.2 kiloton´s of CO 2 per year.


The Brewery

In March 2004 we opend a brewery in our restaurant. Since that time we offer you a smooth, natural beer, which is brewed in the method of the german "Reinheitsgebot" of the year 1516 and in old tradition. All we use is water, malt, hops and yeast. We do not filter the beer, since filtering takes the rich flawour from the beer. A unfiltered beer is unbeatable in its flawour, but you are not able to store it as long as common beers. Thus we only brew small amounts of beer but more often. Hence you will enjoy the taste of a fresh brewed beer.